Meet the new ‘Sauti Sol Chepkoilel branch’

Sauti sol should watch out as there are new boys on the block.  They are not as stylish as we hoped but they might be the next big thing in the music industry.


Savara sarcastically introduced the four boys as ’Sauti Sol Chepkoilel Branch’  on his social media before his fans started leaving hilarious comments.

We are not sure whether these boys are musicians or a bunch of online comedians posing as the new Sauti Sol. Judging from how they appear, chances are the boys are about to drop some interesting parody songs produced by the best boy band in Africa.

It is obvious that the tallest represents Bien and of course we all know who represented the shortest.

As much as we are hoping these boys are comedians, chances are they might innocent men who just posing for a photo after a church service. Anyway meet the Sauti Sol Chepkoilel branch.'


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