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Corazon Kwamboka exposes man threatening and insulting her with racially charged messages [Photo]

She reveals!!

Corazon Kwamboka exposes man sending her racially charged messages

Kenyan socialite Coraon Kwamboka has finally exposed the face of a man who has been sending her racially charged messages.

In a post on Instagram, Corazon revealed the image of the man together with the message he had sent her.

In the message, the racist man claimed that Corazon was making black women look horrible because she was like a slave sold to a white man.


He went on to say that she was lost and one day she will find herself dead and hanging from a rope.

You make black woman look horrible your being sold like slave to a white man you nasty excuse for a black woman you have lost your way with this European couture you get it one day your black ass is hanging from end of a rope,” read the man’s message.

According to Corazon however, she could not imagine the courage the man had to send her such a message.



Imagine the courage of this man coming to my page to threaten and insult me, I could say 1000 things to him but let me just put his racist face here,” said Corazon Kwamboka.

Racist message

This comes just a few days after she revealed how black men have been sending her racist message for dating her Italian ex-boyfriend.

In a post she shared on Instagram, Corazon put up a screenshot of a racist comment on one of her workout videos.


In the comment, she was accused of being a traitor to black people for dating a white man and that her parents should be ashamed of raising her.


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