“ Sio wewe uko na shimo tu! Hata mwenda wazimu ako nayo” things get brutal in a leaked text message on Kilimani Mums

Sometimes one confronts someone over a thing they have done, then you realise (a little too late) that you are way in over your head after the person goes ape-shi*t crazy on you.


What started as a confrontation between one lady to her player boyfriend turned wild after the man started hurling all manner of insults at the lady. A conversation that made it to Kilimani Mums.

Pissed that a man simply identified as ‘Ken’ had been swindling her to fund his philandering lifestyle, the lady started by sending this scathing text to the man:

(You will never play with another woman I’m telling you. You wanted I send you 20,000 Kshs so that you move into a bigger house and bring other women. You criminal! You thief!)”

Before adding “(You are a killer, prostitute hypocrite, liar and manner less, you have no respect. You asked my parent for money so that you take to your women! You think I dig money for you to take and take to other women? It’s no wonder your wife dumped you, there is no woman who can live with you)

But Ken turned out to be rather nasty fella and fired back in the pettiest way possible calling her a prostitute and a thick woman before saying that all holes are the same.99 percent of the conversation went down in Kikuyu but I will translate.

Translation: You talk like a prostitute. Like a woman with no brains, like a dimwit with dripping mucus. The truth is you are not the only one with a v*gina my dear. You are not my wife and I can date whoever I want. Lift your legs for other men and i will lift the legs of other women. Mind your own business. Even a mad woman’s p*ssy is still a pu*sy!


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