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Gospel singer Denno and wife’s touching story leaves fans in tears (Video)

Things have not been easy - Denno

Denno and his wife Faith , Gospel singer Denno and wife’s touching story leaves fans in tears (Video)

Gospel singer Denno and his wife Faith Naliaka Ihumba left many inspired and touched by their emotional story after appearing on “Bahati Reality” a reality TV show that air on NTV.

The two love birds narrated the struggles they have been going through, the biggest being finances and commuting using public transport, despite Denno’s celebrity status.

According to Denno, despite having a name in the music industry, finances have been the biggest obstacle, hence missing in action for the past three years.


It's Hard

Asked on how they navigate in town, Denno’s wife said “Kwanza tao is the worst place to be walking around because kunakuwanga na watu wengi alafu wote wanakusalimia wakati wewe uko haraka unataka mfike home on time"

Denno added “Kwanza I remember the other day kuna mwingine amenisalimia “Denno niaje ? nikasema poa? Denno kwani hujawahi buy gari? Nikacheka tu”.

Our biggest struggles is finances


During their conversation, Denno’s wife (Faith) confessed that; “It’s not been easy but so far we have been well but challenges ziko. The biggest challenge has been on the financial part, hizo vitu zingine zote za marriage ziko poa kabisa. Most of the time nakuwanga tu home and once in a while ndo napata job za kubake cakes, juu nakuwanga nimefanya course ya baking. So nikipata jobs well and good at least namsaidia on the financial part”

On the other hand, Denno narrated that:

 “Musically nimeluck kitu inaitwa consistency juu sina pesa manze. Mi hutumia tu Matatu na inakuwanga noma, ata saa zingine unakubaliana na msee Tumeet saa sita, na ulipanda matatu saa nne, unajipata bado tu uko kwa jam, na labda hawezi elewa kuwa bado uko kwa jam. Na siwezi enda na cab juu hiyo bado in expensive. So ukinisign EMB naona vitu zitakuwa sawa. And I’m very serious by the way”

Following Denno’s narration, Bahati promised to do everything within his capacity to ensure that the "Bado" maker gains a standing ground in the gospel industry.


Going through the comment section on Bahati’s YouTube Channel, fans were in tears, upon learning what Denno has been going through, with a section encouraging him not to give up.


Ernest Diha1 day ago “Denno's story is Sad but God will see him through”

Video Courtesy of Bahati Reality


Lillian Muiwa “Am shedding tears to hear Denno's story.May God bless you guys.Faith is such a strong woman,may God remember her always.Blessings to the Bahatis”

Ann Dottie “Denno u made me shed destination matters alot but dont wry wat u use to fika there bora u accomplish ua mission ua family n u r healthy n happy ingine wachia Mungu.some have alot but not happy or rich at wife is humble n soo gd..God bless her n pray for her job ishike.....n bahati kindly sign him in”


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