Gospel singer Bahati is premiering a brand new show on NTV called Bahati Reality this Saturday at 7:30 PM.

When he announced the show on social media, many people were confused about whether it’s a brand new show, a new season of Being Bahati or they had just changed the name.

Bahati (Instagram)

Pulse Live spoke exclusively to Bahati’s manager Kioko and he revealed that Bahati Reality is a brand new show. The 3rd season of Being Bahati which aired on April 20, 2019, was the last we will see of that show.

Explaining why they dropped Being Bahati for Bahati Reality, Kioko revealed that growth was important.

“Growth tu halafu vitu huenda zikigrow,” he said before revealing that they are still working on Diana Marua’s new lifestyle show which will be premiering soon.

Being Bahati

The show launched right after the world cup in 2018 on NTV.

Speaking to Nairobi News last year, Bahati promised fans a front row seat to watch his private life and view never-seen-before footage of his traditional wedding and dowry payment. “There is so much that people don’t know about me, like my wedding, the dowry payment ceremony and much more about my personal life,” he said.

Bahati and Diana in Dubai (Bonfire Adventures)

The show commenced on the last weekend of July 2018 and aired during prime time on Sundays before it switched to Saturday at 7:30 pm.

With 3 seasons, Being Bahati has had a good run as it bagged a Kalasha Award nomination within 3 months of being on air.

“Good news. With only three months on NTV, Being Bahati has just been nominated as the Best TV show in Kenya Kalasha Awards. Thank you our fans for making this your favourite show on TV,” Bahati posted on social media.

Diana Marua’s show

Diana Marua (Bonfire Adventures)

Following the success of their reality TV show ‘Being Bahati’, Diana Marua is now looking to launch her own show and has already shot 3 episodes.

This is because she wants to cater to people who are interested in finding out how she handles marriage and being a mom in the limelight.

“I am working on something. I wanted it to be a vlog but now it makes better sense to get it to a TV station. I have been getting a lot of questions about marriage, being a mom and a wife, with the world watching. I think a show will be the best way to try and answer these questions,” she told True Love Magazine.

Diana had earlier disclosed that Bahati will feature on one of the episodes of her new show as he has a story that a lot of people can relate to. “The reason why I want Bahati to appear on my talk show is that he has a huge background story that resonates with many people.”