Music sensation Diamond Platnumz has revealed the main reason why he decided to launch his album titled “A boy from Tandale” in Nairobi, Kenya.

The singer who spoke to the media ahead of his album launch on Wednesday evening, said that he is a musician and he does not want to be seen as a Tanzanian and that he wants to bring out the one Africa that we have all been talking about.

“We are all one, if I go to launch my album in Nigeria, Rwanda, or Uganda, as long as I’m representing Africa for me its fine. So I just want to bring the one Africa that we have always wanted. That was my main goal,” said Diamond.

The Bongo singer said that Kenyans have been supporting his music and he wanted to team up with people that had proper equipment to support him through the launch because at the end of the day it was music and fans expect the best from him.

Diamond also said that he did not have proper systems that he could use to release his songs and that is the reason it took him about four years to have this album ready for release after the first one.

He added that the album will have 20 songs 10 of which will be his previous songs that had not featured in any of his albums.

He also thanked Safaricom and their Music App Songa for partnering with him in seeing to it that his album is launched successfully and is available to all.

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