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Zari & Tanasha Donna chemistry during first meeting in Uganda lights up social media

The chemistry between Zari and Tanasha Donna during her All-white party in Kampala was the talk of town with videos and photos of the event doing rounds on social media

A collage image of Tanasha Donna and Zari Hassan during Zari's All-White paty in Kampala

Zari Hassan and Tanasha Donna who are both Diamond Platnumz’s baby mamas met for the first time in Uganda with their meeting causing a stir on social media.

The two celebrities made memories together, bonding as they enjoyed the night and could be seen having a good time all through the night.

The pair appeared to put to rest any claims of bad blood between them with perfect chemistry playing out as the two divas partied the night away in Kampala.

Tanasha was part of the guests who attended Zari’s star-studded and exclusive all-white party in Kampala with the much-publicized all-white party going down in pomp and glamour at an


For the duo, it was a perfect show of sisterhood, genuine love and support for each other if the scenes of the all-white party are anything to go by.

In one of the videos, the two mothers who have children sired by the Tanzanian star before things fell apart for each of them were seen posing for photos on the red carpet.

The pair could also be seen at one point concentrating on Tanasha Donna’s phone as they enjoyed a private chat with the Naseeb Junior’s mother whispering something into Zari’s ear.


It was a blend of style, class and elegance as the two women dressed in white outfits that impressed netizens.

Videos of the two ladies partying together broke the internet with netizens weighing in and urging women who find themselves in as baby mamas or in situations where the same are involved to emulate their warmth and embrace one another for healthy co-parenting, their own progress, the peace of their children and the prosperity of the men in their lives.

Netizens weigh in on lessons to pick from Zari's meeting with Tanasha Donna

miss_christine_mwangi: All Diamond's baby mamas reuniting for the sake of healthy coparenting😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


iamsaffion: 👏👏👏 it's called maturity ❤️

kingdav00: Tanasha is beautiful beyond 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

jojo_rotich: Weuw , our Kenyan girl Tanasha is beautiful abee!!

Angeliq Angel: Weuh Simba anajua kuchagua Mali safi alafu anarudi kutema nyama yenyewe

Serry James: Maturity at its best


Irene Angie: Tanasha is really pretty,,,they both look good though

IJahman Chris: Hopes ex wangu wanaona hii.

Jabz Jahbriey Phtoum: For the sake of children. They want diamond to love their kids wasikose urathi.


Others opined that such scenes are rare and hard to come by in Kenya as the result would definitely be undesirable outcomes,

Alphine Deepark: Uku Kenya tungekua tunalipa mmoja bond mwingine mortuary bills .

Joy Friday: Baby daddy wetu yafaa atuunganishe tujuane pia tupige masherehe

Some urged a popular Kenyan musician who has been making headlines with the two mothers of his children to learn a thing or two from Diamond Platnumz, Zari and Tanasha Donna.


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