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‘Shakib told me to ask Zari about giving him a child’ - Ray P clarifies

Ugandan TV host, Precious Remmy, has said she was not being mean when she asked Zari Hassan in a recent interview when she plans to give her husband Shakib Lutaya a child.

Ray P and Zari Hassan

The 'Uncut Show' host on Sanyuka TV said her question to Zari was more “harmless and meant in good faith,” compared to the bloggers and social media users who have been harassing her for months about when she plans to have children of her own.

The actress and media personality better known as Ray P made the news early last week when she broke down in tears at a press conference, lamenting about the endless media commentary about her fertility.

People who say I am barren… But I am not God. I don't know when I am supposed to give birth. There is no married woman in life that does not want to give birth,” she said.

“I know you want negative energy all the time, but some things we need to keep to ourselves….I am praying and I know that one day God will bless me with a child,” she said before breaking down.


While she received a lot of support afterward, Ray P says some people on social media attacked her, telling her that she was deserving of the vitriol because she too has always been mean to other women.

Some people, she says, pointed out that she asked Zari the same question about children on her Uncut show just days earlier.

But Ray P clarified that she never intended to be hurtful to the socialite and businesswoman, or her husband.

In fact, she said, it was Zari’s husband Lutaaya who nudged her to shoot the question.


I never planned to ask that question. It was her husband before the show, who told me to bring it up. In fact, she (Zari) saw me moving up and down with him and asked what was going on,” she said.

He also intended in a joking way and I asked her in a very kind and respectful way, and she comfortably answered.”

Ray P also clarified she is not struggling to have children as many might have thought, adding that during the press conference, she was only overwhelmed by emotions talking about the subject.

Instead, she says, she and her US-based husband Raymond Bindeeba decided to put off having children until it is the right time.


My husband and I had a plan because we did not get time to date properly, and even now we are not living together. We gave ourselves time because children, when they come, can be a big task.”


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