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Director Trevor flaunts sleek ride after surviving accident with Eve Mungai

Their Toyota Crown was badly damaged in the accident

Director Trevor & Eve Mungai flaunt sleek ride after surviving accident

Eve Mungai and her husband Director Trevor have surfaced with a sleek Audi car, that could be the couple’s new ride after their previous car was damaged in a nasty accident.

The couple survived a grisly road accident on the night of Christmas while driving along a highway.

Their car, a Toyota Crown was left badly damaged during the accident which left the couple unscathed.

The YouTuber took to social media to update her fans, assuring them that she is well.


“Thanks for checking on me guys, I'm doing okay." Wrote the You Tuber.

"There's a certain disrespect that an apology or explanation just can't fix," is the message Mungai Eve first posted after the crash.

The couple which mints money from content creation and deals with major brands revealed in a past interview that their channel earned them Sh800,000.

"As employees of Mungai Eve Media, my wife and I both receive a monthly salary of 800k. Each! Money that is generated through YouTube instream ads and Facebook. Even if angekua anaearn more than me to me it's not an issue for us. We believe in equal opportunities and value each value each other's contributions to our family and the company.


“Our focus is together on working as a team, supporting and empowering each other to achieve our goals. We believe that financial success should not be limited by gender, and we embrace the equal earning potential that exists in our relationship," he replied.

Director Trevor took to social media to flaunt the sleek ride with a hint that the couple could have upgraded to the German Machine.

The car in question is white in colour and typical of Audi, boasts of some of the best features in terms of technology and safety within its range.


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