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How being a gospel DJ cost me a 2.4 Million deal – DJ Mo

It was the lowest point in my career- DJ Mo

Skills he honed under the pupillage of DJ Nev at Spin Rage DJ School around 2008. After flying out of DJ Nev’s nest DJ Mo had gigs here and there but nothing major happened to him though he got a few gigs from Hope FM and Power FM in late 2009.

He struggled until 2010 when he entered the Pilsner Mfalme DJ competition.

“The DJ Mo you know now started off in 2010 when I did the Pilsner Mfalme competition that was going on countrywide.” DJ Mo told


Given that he was competing against secular artists, he knew he had to put his best foot forward in order to win and bring the glory back to the Gospel industry after DJ Krowbar won in 2009.“Sikuwahi spin secular music, I had only done Gospel since day one so when I entered Pilsner Mfalme I knew I needed to scoop this. Coz DJ Krowbar scooped it in 2009 it must come back.” DJ Mo disclosed.

Fortunately, he won but before he could grasp his 2.4 Million deal it slid out of his hands, devastating him.

“After I won they said that ‘He is a gospel industry he might not push for a Pilsner brand’ so patia DJ mwingine. It was really chaotic. The whole thing came with a souped-up van iko na sound, the whole thing was worth 2.4 million Kshs. You can imagine 2010 mtu amekuanzishia career na 2.4 and then hapa sababu unado gospel and you can’t push Pilsner brand they say no you can’t give to that guy.” DJ Mo said describing his lowest point in his DJeeing career.

After losing his award to DJ Nelly of Mombasa, DJ Mo was featured on Sunday Nation’s Buzz where he got to talk about the Pilsner Mfalme competition and all that went down. An interview he describes as ‘the turning point in his life.’

After the interview, he got nominated for a Groove Award in the ‘DJ of The Year’ category which he won. His award was handed to him by Capital FM’s Chairman Chris Kirubi who offered him a job as they had never had a Gospel DJ at the station. So after the award ceremony, he went to Chris’ office and signed a contract.


The following week after getting a job at Capital he was invited for an interview at NTV as they intended on launching a new gospel show after Kubamba left NTV for Citizen. An interview he sailed through and got the job, after getting the NTV job the following week he was invited to America for the Talanta Awards as a DJ.

“I went to America na hii ushamba yangu, that’s it, so many things happened in 2010, if I tell you what happened in 2010, you will be surprised. Jina ya DJ Mo ilianza kutokea pole pole.” Mr Mo revealed.


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