I never thought I’d make it as a single mom - DJ Pierra

Opening up to True Love Magazine, Pierra revealed that she intended on leaving her baby daddy out of her daughter’s relationship but her mother insisted that she should inform the baby’s father.

But informing her baby daddy came with conditions. “I made it clear that he didn’t have to be part of it.”

And even though he suggested a meet upon learning of the news it was never to happen as the guy was engaged to be married. “And even though he mentioned that we should at least meet and talk about it, he never made the effort to reach out again. I found out later is because he was getting married.”  She declared.

Given the situation, many women in Pierra’s place would have felt played and sought revenge but Pierra made peace with the situation. “The funny bit is, I was actually happy for him. I know that it sounds like a lie, but the day I went to church and asked God to be the father of my child, I was relieved of any burdens.”

And God has really come through for her as Pierra took a break from her busy schedule to reflect on how far they have come.

“My baby is all grown. We can comfortably snap a selfie without drama. Having this baby was the best decision I ever made...she has changed me and made me a woman I have always wanted to be. Never thought I'd make it as a single mom…but Hey...Look at me now (Chris Brown voice & dance) #PRINCESSRICCA #misspokot #pierrajnr 100% ME.....my genes. #BEYOU”


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