DNG recounts how his ex left him for money

She compared me to the older men who her friends were dating & sleeping with who would dish out cash.

The Radio presenter and entrepreneur narrated how he separated with his former flame because she never believed in him.

Mummy Vans

The self-proclaimed number one hype man continued to recount how she used to laugh at his company which used to hire out activation vans to clients.

“A woman I loved once told me that I wasn't shit because I used to drive 'mummy vans'. She used those words to describe the Activation Vans we hire out to our Corporate Clients . Our business may not be prestigious, but it pays.  Our small, legitimate hustle is what God ordained. It's what He put in our hearts. It is what He has & will always use to bless us & elevate us,”

I made it though

The singer went on to tell how his former girlfriend compared him to older men who her friends used to date who would dish out cash left & right but he never lost hope.“Spitefully, she then went ahead to compare me to the older men who her friends were dating & sleeping with (MPs, Governors, Nigerians & Somalis) who would dish out cash left & right. I told her it was unfair to compare me to men who started working before I was born. We parted ways, but I knew one day, I'd achieve everything she said I never had,” "Moral of the story: Never let anyone break your spirit. Never let anyone put you down. Embrace your humble beginning & work towards greatness, He captioned.

DNG has also featured in a local TV series Sumu la Penzi as a supporting character acting as Tash.

He is the founder and C.E.O of 254 Entertainment and currently a presenter at 1 FM.


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