Popular hype man finally opens up about dumping his wife on National TV

Hype man DNG has revealed that he is no longer with his wife and has already filed a divorced while speaking to TV personally Willis Raburu on Citizen TV on 10 Over 10 Show.


DNG says that many have been judging him after he left his wife without understanding what really happened.  Even when many criticized him, he felt no need to explain himself as his private life does not involve the public.

“I don’t like to talk about my relationship (in public). My matters are private. People said a lot without giving me the right of reply. But what I can say is that to all those who are wondering what is going on (in my private life), I am not married anymore. I am divorced. I filed for divorce last year, DNG said.

He went on to add that he felt like his relationship was going nowhere and this is the main reason he opted for a divorce. DNG apparently felt that it was better to let go of his wife as a way of detoxing his life.

“For me it did not work out. I felt like it was not going anywhere. So, I made a decision to realign my life. If a car’s bearing becomes faulty, you replace it (the bearing) with a functioning one. That’s what happened to me. And in life I believe if you make mistakes and wrong choices, nobody should use your mistakes against you. They talked ill about me, (but they forget) human is to error. I don’t believe there is somebody who is perfect. I choose to focus.”

This comes almost 9 months after he trolled his controversial wife on social media calling her all sorts of names. Anyway, at the moment the hype man is seeing someone new but he did not reveal whether he was planning settle down with the new lady.


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