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"My wife is dead, doctor says my son has only 4 years to live" Ghetto radio presenter pleads for help

Lets help a brother!!!

According to Ogutu he was told by the doctor that his son may not live beyond his 12th Birthday, if he does not get the right medication.The boy, named Kunta Kinte, has severe anaemia and needs a bone marrow transplant before August 2018.

"The doctor already told me that Kinte may not live beyond his 12th birthday. The same thing that the doctor told me about my wife. We have been struggling and we are struggling to keep him alive. The disease is a cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. Their eight-year-old son's life is also under threat from a blood disorder.” Said Ogutu

The radio personality added that his son Kinte has been on treatment under insurance but his medical cover is now exhausted.


“Since my wife's burial, Kinte has not received the required medical attention because I do not have insurance. My children are not at home because my house was locked by the landlord,” Ogutu said.

His children are with his mother-in-law while Kinte lives with a friend around Nairobi Hospital because of his condition.

“Every time my children remember and talk about their mother, they cry and I don’t know what to do. My son is taking the strongest antibiotics and must take these medicines for the rest of his life,” Ogutu said.

He plans to have Kinte travel to Germany in August for the bone marrow transplant - if he gets the money required.


Chilling Call

On the 9th of October 2017, at exactly 1.30 PM Edgar Ogutu received a chilling call from his wife’s doctor at the Nairobi Hospital.

The doctor told him to take his three children to the hospital and also ensure that his mother in law accompanies them to the hospital. He felt weak, his body remained numb and  for a few minutes he could not breath.

His wife who was suffering fro Leukemia had been admitted at the hospital for 21 days. His four year old son Kinta Kunte who has Sickle cell Anaemia had just been discharged from the hospital after suffering an attack.

“Why is the doctor asking me to take my children to the hospital? What could have happened to Lilian that would make the doctor want my mother in law and children in the hospital at the same time? He asked himself.



Upon arrival at the hospital, he was told his wife had slipped into a comma, blood was oozing from almost all the openings in her body including the nose.

His wife was resisting treatment, the doctors told him. They had called him and his children to have the last glance at their mother before she died.

“They had called us to the hospital to prepare us for any eventuality. From what i gathered on that day, the doctors knew that Lilian was not going to make it,” he narrates with a shaking voice.


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