Why Eko Dydda and his wife homeschool their kids

His sons’ eccentric name are not the only things that sets them apart.

Names that his parents Galia and Eko Dydda chose to avoid aligning them with any tribe following the 2007 post-election violence that saw more than a thousand people die.

“We did not want to give our children names that would align them to any tribe. I left the task of naming our children to him and I was totally ok with the names he came up with... I believe there is so much power in names. The sentence names are a name like any other,” Galia explained to a local daily.

But the eccentric name is not the only thing that sets the kids apart as the two boys are home-schooled which is not the mainstream choice for educating kids.

Explaining his decision, Eko told Eve Woman that “My wife and I decided that public school and private did not work for us because we want to be present in our kids' lives, and we did not want other people raising our kids. Plus, we believe that how school is structured these days turns children into robots who cannot do anything without asking the teacher or even simply reason.

We want our kids to be independent thinkers, to be able to reason and to know that they can chart their own destiny that they do not have to follow what everyone else is doing. We hope to home-school them until Campus if possible!”

The fact that the two boys are also singers is said to have contributed to the homeschooling as they need to be available for shows.


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