Comedian Eric Omondi caused a stir after sharing a video trying to prove to the masses that indeed Vera Sidika is back to being dark skin.

The video shows an excited Eric Omondi playing with Vera, alerting the world that he is happy the socialite is back to her original colour.

“HE IS BACK!!! BLACK IS GOLD...ONCE YOU GO BLACK, Welcome home” wrote Eric Omondi.

Looking Darker

The Funny man’s video comes hours after Ms Sidika shared a photo looking darker than usual, insinuating that she has transformed her skin back to black.

Vera, who was born a dark skin but along the way opted for skin lightening, continues to confuse her followers on whether she has gone back to being black or just playing around with filters.

Unfortunately, videos shared today (Tuesday) seems to concur with her narrative of going black.

“Never be defined by your past was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Feels good to be back!!! Black don’t crack #backtoblack #missedmymelanin#stillbeautiful #blackbarbie reads Vera’s Caption.

Others who commented on Eric’s video questioned if the two are in a relationship, as it’s not the first time that the two are getting cozy.

Vera Sidika back to being a dark skin
Vera Sidika back to being a dark skin


Eddie Butita “Kenyan Mums taught us not to play with food @ericomondi is not a good listener”

Zebraa James “Kumbe vera anakuga tu amejipaka rangi all that long . Eke gwire”

Muriuki Christine “Vera ako na hormones za chameleon”

Miss Glaudy “Back to default settings, but black still looks good on her”

Ashaaah “How’s that even possible? So she temporarily bleached herself”

Papa Africa “I think the real Vera has been abducted by an allien all those years and she was released yesterday and reprogrammed”.

Naomi Kimz “Waait what's happening hapa? That change is still shocking to me”

Vera Sidika back to being a dark skin
Vera Sidika back to being a dark skin

Nzuyo “Nihealthy kutake fruits/juice before main dish”

Mwajuma “Mimi bdo siamini km vera kawa black”

Zacshitrpo “I can’t believe my eyes from now on nakatia dem melanin I don’t want to confuse my Mama”

 Rosline “What could be happening here?”

Heaven “You will never come back. Ila @ericomondi the last time wamekucheck akili yako it's was when?”

Krystal Resh “Kama mnacheza ivi tukiona,na kwa kitanda, goal goal, kakonde vs kanono’

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika