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Diamond’s sister makes rare confession after Zari accepted gifts from her Brother

Bring the Old Love Back!!!

Through her Instagram Post, Esma shared a screen-shot of Zari Hassan’s social media update promising to recognize Zari as her only official sister In-law.

Online attacks


Esma’s post had been prompted by her followers who had launched attacks against her for siding with Zari even after she broke up with Diamond.

“Kumbe mambo ndio hayo ndio maana Mapovu kwangu oookey now nishaelewa sasa .. jamani Mungu hawabariki hawa watu na mimi Uyuda nahisi nitakuwa siutaki tena naokoka Shetani ashindwe tuseme Aameni.. Sasa kuanzia leo atapostiwa zari mapovu yawatoke nitajikuta team zari mapovu yawatoke mpk damu, nataka kupanda ndege mie” wrote Esma Platnumz.

In many occasions, Esma has been praising Wema Sepetu, but as it stands now she has shifted her attention to Zari.

Zari praises


Last week, Esma was on the receiving end after praising Zari for taking good care of her brother, at a time their relationship was flourishing.

Her praises did not settle well with a section of Team Hamisa, who claimed that she was disrespecting her.

On the other hand, Queen Darleen (Diamond sister) also hinted that Zari was ready to reconcile with Diamond and those who have been enjoying her space should pack their things and leave.

“Haya Wapangaji Mwenye Nyumba Asharudi. Kusanyeni Makorokoro Yenu Muondoke….,” shared Queen Darleen


“This Coco is everything. New babies to my collections. Thank You Baba Nee,"  “Oh Zawadi!! Ndioo si am a good woman who deserves all good things. Mwache umbea bana. Ata zako nitapokea tu. Keep Calm.”  Reacted Zari Hassan


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