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Why Diamond cancelled wedding last minute & identity of the woman - Esma Platnumz

“Diamond had already made and prepared everything but a few days to the D Day, he cancelled." Esma stated, revealing that dowry had already been paid with parents blessing the union

File image of Esma Platnumz with Diamond Platnumz

Esma Platnumz has opened up on how Tanzania star Diamond Platnumz nearly got married but the wedding was cancelled at the last minute.

Esma revealed that all was set for Diamond’s big day with family and friends working behind the scenes to make the day a success.

She made the revelations in an interview with Wasafi Media when she was asked whether they have discussed with the singer his plans to settle down.

"We have spoken to him a lot. God approves everything. We can force him to get married but God's time has not reached.” Esma stated.


She revealed that all was set for the singer to wed the lady named Sofia until he cancelled the plans with just days to go.

She added that dowry had already been paid, with parents from both sides giving their blessing.

“We tried forcing Diamond to wed a certain lady called Sofia, we even gave dowry.

“Diamond had already made and prepared everything but a few days to the D Day, he canceled." Esma added.


Diamond's reason for cancelling wedding

The singer shared told the lady that he was not ready to marry, bringing everything to a wrap.

"My mum even tried to force him but he refused to and told us he would only get married when the time is right."

"I cannot choose a woman for him because he cannot also choose a man for me." Esma added.

The women in Diamond's life


The Bongo star has dated several women and has children from his previous relationships.

Among the women who have been in his life South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan with whom the singer has two children (Nillan and Tiffah).

Others are Kenya’s Tanasha Donna and Hamisa Mobetto who each has a son with the star.

Zuchu has also graced the singer’s life, with the pair parting ways last month.

In a lengthy update, Zuchu opened up on what informed her decision to dump Diamond and declared to the world that she is single.


She noted that respect was lacking in their relationship and contributed to its end.

“Helo fan-milly.I had to post this to clear my conscience. Kuanzia leo hii mimi na Nasibu (Diamond) hatuko pamoja. I know this has been our thing but as hard as it is kumuacha mtu unaempenda hii naomba mungu iwe ya mwisho na nianze maisha mapya. Mapenzi ni heshima kwa bahati mbaya sana hiko kimekosekana kwetu” Zuchu wrote.


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