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Paul Ndichu's wife gives her thoughts on blended families

Blended families are not that unique- Momanyi

Momanyi is married to Paul Ndichu who is the father of Grace Msalame’s twins.

The vlogger through her YouTube channel stated that in such situation like hers where her husband fathers two kids outside their marriage, there needs to be true love and respect.

Blended families


She added that kids should always be the priority. She said, “Blended families are not that unique. They are actually very many blended families and even from the messages I get there are very many people in blended situations

There has to be real love, real genuine love, there has to be a lot of respect and there has to be a lot communication around everybody and you just make the best out of it.  And of course for fathers in blended relationships they have to take responsibility and if the kids are involved the kids should always come first you must always take care of the kids and I think anybody can leave in harmony within a blended situation”

Momanyi and Paul Ndichu exchanged their vows and Grace Msalame’s girls looked adorable in their lineup. People got shocked seeing Grace Msalame letting her twins to be flower girls at their father’s wedding.

Grace Msalame's unique move


She did not only let her twins be in the lineup, Grace also took to social media to graciously wish her ex and new wife a happy life. She is definitely one of a kind since not many can go to an extent she went with their exes.

In a candid interview later on NTV, the mother of two defended her children’s father saying that he has never been a dead beat father as he has always supported her since from the start.

She said “Kids need both their father and mother, and they need to be in a happy environment. People need to realize that the father of my children has never been a dead beat dad, he was there from day one.” Adding that they (Grace and Paul) always talk.


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