Kilimani Mums forced to take action after woman killed herself

Popular Facebook page has decided to take action following...

The 29-year lady who goes by the name Brenda Akinyi Maone Waru is said to have jumped in front of 3 cars near Kabete Police along the busy Waiyaki Way. It was said that the reason she had killed herself was due to the depression she sank into when she sought help from the Facebook page over her abused daughter only for members of the group to shun and bully her.

Acts that led her to making a fatal decision of killing herself and her daughter by throwing herself while carrying the little girl onto incoming traffic and end her misery. Luckily, she was not able to get the child killed but she passed away. The Buyer Beware group has distanced itself from the death of the 29-year-old through their group's administrator .

Speaking to Nairobi News, the administrator of the group Mildred Atty Owiso refuted claims that she let bullying run amok in her group and claimed she had offered the deceased help.

“I sent her professional contacts, which I later learnt she never followed with. I am sure I did the best within my capacity as an administrator."

Now, a few days after the Buyer Beware scandal, Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums a popular gossip group has mysteriously disappeared. It is said that the group had been pulled down over bullying. Allegations which we are still following up on.

Now Kilimani Mum Uncensored and Kilimani Mum’s and Dads Uncensored are not taking chances and have come up with stringent rules to reduce cyber bullying.

They put up this as their cover photo:

In addition, they have the following rules to stop cyber bullying, religious intolerance and tribal prejudice.

-Use of Abusive words in posts and comments not allowed. Observe decency and respect other group members.

-Cyber Bullying and potentially defamatory posts not allowed.

-Political posts and posts evoking tribalism or ethnicity posts not allowed.

-Religious intolerant posts as well as posts that do not respect other people's constitutional rights not allowed.

However, despite the strict anti-bullying rules the group is applying, there are people who do not believe that one can police bullies on the Internet and all you can do is protect your loved one.

As  writes “The thing is, cyberbullying and other Internet instigated crimes can effectively be dealt with only through personal proactive measures. It is only upon yourself to protect you and your loved ones online. The legal recourse can be in place, certain social media outlets can be banned ( was banned after the PEV), but the Internet lives on. As long the Internet lives on, cybercrime will lives on – and many more will die as a result.”`=


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