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I hope you finally moved on from Otile - fan after Nabayet requested not to be tagged in Valentine’s song

Otile ako wapi?

Nabayet, Otile’s ex-girlfriend declares her love for the singer

Fans came out to express their opinion on Nabayet's and Otile Brown's relationship stating that she should move on from Otile because she deserves a better man.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you but I hope you finally moved on from Otile you deserve so much better mama😍😍😍” read the fans tweet.

" I hope you are finally single you deserve a real king" read another fan's comment.


The comments came after Nabayet took to her Instagram to say that people should stop tagging her in the viral Valentine’s song, ‘where is your boyfriend?’ stating that she had gotten their point loud and clear.

We have safely made it through the most anticipated day of the month phew! Happy Valentine’s Day to all celebrating today♥️ You may now kindly stop sending me and tagging me on the valentine’s song please and thank you. I got the point loud and clear 😂🤦🏽‍♀️.Kind regards, Nabayet” read her post.

The post made her fans insinuate that all was not well between her and Otile Brown, since none of them had said anything about the other on Valentines's day, a day lovers celebrated each other.

A few days ago, the Ethiopian beauty, told her fans not to jump into any conclusion because not everything was as it seemed to be.


Never assume or jump to conclusions, not everything is as it seems. Have a blessed day 🙏🏽♥️” Read Nabbi’s post.

The post provoked a fan to tell her that they had broken up again since the quotes were too much. “You broke up again the quotes are too much” read the fan's comment.

It is not yet clear whether the two are together.

Deleted song from YouTube


This comes a few months after Otile Brown was forced deleted his latest song ‘Nauelewa’ on YouTube which featured Nabayet.

In a series of Insta Stories that he posted on Instagram, the ‘baby love’ hit maker explained that he had to pull it down because Nabayet’s family did not appreciate her being featured in the video.

“I respect my girl and I love her at the end of the day its not about me or my fans, its something that affects somebody who is close to me and in one way or another I have to respect her. So, I had to do it for my girl. “said Otile.

Here are other comments;


linnetwamburu Shem wetu! Happy Valentine’s Day our beautiful girl we know distance relationships are the hardest even if you are not in Kenya I hope you still celebrate with Otile 😍 Kenya loves you so much

shiks_mwash Where is your boyfriend? 🙄🤗🤣🤣🤣🔥

princehairlord254 Where is the legend otile brown the big boss🤔🤔

maiteatoti Otile ako wapi

sucad_sue 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😅😅😅 ukiachwa achika ukitemwa na otile temeka🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


winnie_wendyyyy Our in-law what happened yawa ?

elaijahgichuru Ako wapi @otilebrown I was expecting him on your post today🙌

amm_ybabe Happy valentine's babe❤️Raha jipee mweyewee


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