Getting married doesn’t get rid of your issues, it exposes them - Mercy Masika

In marriage the real you shows up- Mercy

Singer Mercy Masika with her Hubby David Muguro

Celebrated gospel singer Mercy Masika Muguro has advised that the marriage institution doesn’t get rid of issues but it actually exposes them.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, the Mwema hit-maker pointed out that marriage does uncovered the true characters of someone; if he is angry, lazy, greedy, kind or insensitive.

“Getting married doesn’t get rid of your issues, it exposes them. In marriage the real you show up. Marriage actually shows/ exposes who you are. If you are angry,lazy, greedy, kind, insensitive etc it becomes magnified. Good news is you can choose to grow/change or not,” shared Mercy Masika.

Submission in marriage

In 2018, Mercy pointed out that many people do not understand the concept of submission in marriage, adding that they consider it a weakness.

"Its easy to submit to a good man like @davidtmuguro. I have learnt that submiting to authority is a great strength. God is a God of order and Yeees Im answerable and accountable to my hubby. I am a power but under authority. If the military had no authorities it would be ugly. I have learnt that many of us dont even understand submission and consider it weakness. It is not,” shared Mercy Masika.

The singer has been married for almost 10 years to one David Muguro who also doubles up as her manager and they are blessed with two kids (Ranise Muguro and Tevita Muguro).

Marriage changed Me

In a separate interview, the award-wining singer admitted that the marriage institution changed her a lot because she used to be conservative introvert.

“…marriage has totally changed me. I used to be such a conservative introvert, totally stuck in my ways, but my husband has totally challenged my way of thinking. We work as a team, he handles all the logistics, and half the time I don’t even know what’s happening I just see the results,” said Mercy.


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