Take heart and be strong - Rashid Abdalla’s prayer for ailing mother

Quick Recovery mama Rashid

Rashid Abdalla with his Mother. Take heart and be strong - Rashid Abdalla’s prayer for his ailing mother

Citizen TV news anchor Rashid Abdalla is not a happy man, due to the ailing status of his mother.

On Sunday, Nipashe host took to social media, where he made a special prayer for his ailing mother, asking God to intervene and restore her health.

 “#sisemikitu Ain’t easy won’t be easy but Inshallah God will see you through Mum. Take heart and be strong. #ifeelyoumum #22Junefeelsliketoday #continuerestinginpeacebro #getwellsoonmumreads Rashid Abdalla’s prayer.

The prayer touched a good number of people who also joined the conversation, wishing Rashid’s mother a quick recovery.

On August 16, Abdalla put up another photo, posing besides his mother saying #sisemikitu O Lord, forgive me, my parents and Muslims in the Hereafter. O Lord, show mercy on them as they have nourished me when I was young. #loveyoumum

Quick Recovery Mama Rashid

sellyamutabiGod's grace is sufficient may He be with your family”

dr_kingoriMay she get well soon”

alibabakenya “I Pray that Mum gets well soon Bro”

luckie_savonGod bless your mama and your family”

ashasadakazungu “Shifaa InshaAllah ya RABBI”

zainabchitsangiI love this woman unconditionally mashaAllah Allah ampe umri ameen ameen”

gabbie_deodenoAll shall be well with her”

esha.salim.1420 “Get well soon mummy”

tina.karis.5 “Mwenyezi Mungu atulindie wazazi wetu”

joy_ketlyn_mainaWishing manana, Quick recovery”

mukami.joshua.5 “Quick recovery mum”

marlisharamz “Allah amjaliye shufa ya haraka lnshallah”

noordin_challa “May Allah grant her quick shifaa in shaa Allah”

abitalia99Namtakia mama afueni ya haraka”

bill_constantt “Mmeshabihiana mithili ya shillingi kwa ya pili. Quick recovery to mom”

hamoemphyz “May God see u through during this wanting times ,all shall be well...may u get courage n strength u deserves”

sir_luwihausa “Boss kubwa! She will be fine, May Allah give you strength with your family”

amina_ismail72 “Allah amjaalie shifaa ya haraka inshaallah”


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