Millionaire Gordon Ogada reveals next move after winning Sh230m Sportpesa Mega Jackpot

Gordon Ogada reveals unknown details of his life

According to the new millionaire in Town, is his not ready to resign as a field officer At Kemri, has he got the job while still struggling.

“Millionaire kitu gani? This is money just like any other money. I accept phone calls from all my friends. I am not ready to resign. I don’t want to throw away a job that has been sustaining my stay in Nairobi and even paying school fees for my kids. When you get money you have to ensure that your outlets of bringing in more cash are not closed” said Ogada.

“I am an orphan, I lost both parents 20 years ago. My uncle in Kibera housed me in Nairobi after my high school and took me to university where I worked in a cyber after” Gordon Ogada

The 30-year-old Ogada says life has not been easy since his parents passed on. The father of two hails from Migori County.

“Life has not been easy since my parents died 20 years ago. I’m very grateful to God for the win and coming through for me,” he said.

It was a dream come true as he was chauffeured in sleek limousines together with his wife and kids from his humble abode in Kibera to the Carnivore Grounds where he was unveiled by SportsPesa.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri said the mega jackpot offering represents the betting company’s will to change people’s lives and shows commitment to local customers who have been a pillar of support to its business.

The multi-millionaire stated that he has not planned on how he is going to spend his money but he is open for investments advice from various people.

“Evey opinion counts, I have received a lot of calls from investors, but at the end I will have to make the final decision on how to spend the money.” said Ogada

The Manchester United Fan, also said that during his chat with the first Mega Jackpot winner Samuel Abisai, they agreed to ensure that they combine their effort and win the new Jackpot placed at  Sh100,000,000 now.

Since winning the Sh230 million, Ogada has not stopped betting and on Tuesday he won another Sh200,000.


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