Guardian Angel & Esther Musila excite fans as they launch their own show 'Love Wins'

Congratulations Love Birds

Guardian Angel with his wife Esther Musila

Gospel singer Guardian Angel has excited a section of his fans after launching a joint show with his wife Esther Musila dubbed Love Wins.

According to the Nadeka hit maker and a description left under the first Episode, the show will not only discuss intimate Love, but also how God wants people to love each other as per His word.

“This show is not only about intimate love, but about how God wants us to love each other according to his word in: 1 Peter 4:8. "Above all, love each other deeply because Love covers a multitude of sins," reads the description of the first Episode of the show.

Dealing with Trolls

The two talk about their experience in the hands of trolls and how their love blossomed. Drumming support for the new show Angel wrote; "Love wins show 1st episode now up on YouTube #subscribe leave a comment God bless you. Was an amazing shoot with yours truly @ngenyi my Angel . #lovewins❣. Link in bio.”

In the show, Guardian disclosed that he learnt that he was being trolled and discussed online through a friend who sent him a screenshot of what people were saying about his relationship with Esther.

“… nilikuwa sijawahi Ku-experience kwamba kun ahiyo clash, najua sio kila mtu ananipenda kama Msanii ama kama Binadamu, na hiyo nikuwa Human… for me ilikuwa first time yangu kuona sasa wale wasee hunifeel na wale hawanifeel wamekutana wote kwa ground moja. Kwanza ilinitingisha kidogo maan sikuwa najua kutoka hapo inaenda wapi. Nikaonyesha Esther coz tulikuwa nay eye studio….ilitushitua kidogo juu ni kitu imetupata wote for the first time…” said Guardian Angel in part.

Fans also commended Ms Musila for sitting beside her man for 32 minutes without uttering a word.

Comments from Fans

Becky Isaac “This is so amazing, that Esther can look at guardian for the whole interview without uttering a word!!!,this is what he needs.Esther is a woman of substance.kamati ya roho chafu ,shauri yenu”

judy jepchumba “When i grow up i want someone's son to look at me the way Esther is looking at his Guardian 😍😍😍.And above all may God keep Guardian safe for mee my children need to hear his mind blowing wisdom and listen to his realest music again i will let my children know that love wins all the time 😍😍😍”

Annette Wambulwa “Yaani the way Esther looked at Guardian for 32 minutes and she didn't utter a word but her presence was felt is beyond me 😍😍😍😍😍😍. Shemeji unakaa poa sana”.

Rhema-Theophorusa C. Chelule “I would rather watch this than those couples who just show us fake reality shows.. thanks for being so real.. May God bless you Guardian and Guardian's angel 💕❤️”

John OS “I really love this move, wapi likes za love wins show!?”

Racheal Albrians “This lady is growing younger, like she looks younger than most of those young idlers trolling them yet hata balancing a meal is a challenge juu mtu Hana kakitu”

martha wambui “Every time am about to give up on dating God brings another couple to give me hope,may God use this couple in this evil generation”

Athenine the farm girl “Love You guys..Your love story is very day I might get the courage to share my love experience on this youtube channel athenine..cos its equally unique and can fit in your hashtag #love wins...and you needvto share your anti aging secrets are so pretty...if possible increase your volume/sound next video. Cant wait for your next video.all the best guys”

Abcd G2 “Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face. .Every time I see your updates I feel pity for the masses. ..I am so glad to watch this channel”

Stella Kerubo “God has a purpose in everyone and don't judge someone without knowing what they passed through or passed in their life...this is the right time to love and win be blessed Esther and guardian angel”

pamela kibetPerfect move. Guardian Angel oyeeee! God does not look at age obedience obedience is wat God considers. Lovely couple go global noe and save souls. Iam interceding for you no devil will scatter you. Nitamnyoa na chupa”

Sarah Wanjiru “Wow.... Esther there's something about you that I really admire. As for guardian angel you've been one of my favorite gospel artist and to add to it is that your wisdom blows my mind away ..may the Lord bless you both.....kudos Esther and Guardian#lovewins



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