Guardian Angel talks about his relationship with Esther Musila (Exclusive)

Guardian has been a topic of discussion for the better part of this week

Guardian Angel

Pulse Live Kenya

Gospel singer Guardian Angel has for the first time talked about his relationship with Esther Musila, after their photos became a topic of discussion for the better part of this week.

In a Phone interview with Pulse Live, the Kuoshwa hit maker made it clear that the only way he will describe the nature of his relationship with 50-year-old Esther Musila is when they are interviewed together.

What’s your relationship with Esther Musila? Asked the writer.

Guardian Angel replied with a “No Comment” followed by a brief explanation as to why he did not want to talk about it.

“No comment. Kuhusu Esther utatuita Interview tukiwa na yeye tuiongelele tukiwa wawili, so wewe ukitupanga interview na yeye, tutaweza kukuongelesha. Itakuwa better juu ni poa kuongelea mtu akiwa hapo,” said Guardian.

However, he went ahead to joke about it saying “Lakini usiwekee ile headline ya ati Guardian Angel and his 50-year-old confirm, mimi nimewajua sana nyinyi".

Lakini ukimzungumzia Esther ni mtu wa aina gani? Posed the writer.

“Mimi kama unanijua ama umeweza kuniskia nakuwanga very particular na wale watu na associate nao na zile vitu nafanya. Kwa hivyo ukiona natembea na mtu jua huyo mtu ako sawa. Hutawahi kuniona kwa ma group group za watu, mimi nakuwanmga mtu niko focused sana na kama mtu anakaa ni kama anaweza nivuta nyuma hatuwezi ingia. Generally vile wewe uliona tu venye mimi hukuwa, jua tu ni mtu tumeingia, tumekubalina kiworks na kivile life Iko. So yeye ni mtu wa hiyo aina” said Guardian Angel.

He added that Ms Musila is a big supporter of his ministry basing on the fact that she is also a singer and they have worked on two songs together “Moyo Wangu” and “Harusi” that is yet to be released.

For months now, the Nadeka maker has been sharing romantic photos with Ms Musila; rocking matching outfits, working out together, doing charity and to even singing together.

In many of their photos the hashtag #Lovewins seems to stand out the most.

“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.” “True friends are those who came into your life, saw the most negative part of you, but are not ready to leave you, no matter how contagious you are to them. #lovewins❣ reads one of his caption in a photo with Esther Musila.

Gospel industry

Away from his Love life that has raised eyebrows, Guardian also touched on his reign in the gospel industry saying that he feels like it’s just the beginning of his career because he has a lot in store for his fans.

“Ndio naanza kwanza sai na feel kama upcoming Ngoma ni mingi sana” he said.

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Asked on why he has never thought of releasing an Album, Angel replied;

“Unajua Wakenya hawatambui album, wao wanataka song moja ile wanataka kuskia. Alafu unjua album inakuwa overwhelming bure. For Kenyans wanajuanga Album is the epitome of your career as an artiste, so na avoid kuwatolea Album ndo wasifeel hivo, coz sijanza hata job mimi, na feel kama upcoming. Mimi ni upcmiong ndo naanza tu Job hii ndo kama mwaka yangu ya kwanza”.

Guardian further stated that despite having a record label “7 Heaven Music" he is not ready to sign any artiste because the Kenya Music Industry is yet to grow to that point of giving returns when you invest in another artiste.

The singer also called upon his fans to be prepared for more projects, because he has a number of upcoming collaborations with musicians from, Liberia, Tanzania and Uganda.

I hear you are the biggest beneficiary of the Sh100 million that was given by the President the other day? posed the writer.

The Music Doctor replied “I wouldn’t say that I am the biggest beneficiary because pesa ikipeanwa inapeanwa kwa wasanii wote, kwa hivyo nikisema am the biggest beneficiary itaonekana kuna favourism .Kama kuna wengine walipewa, tulipewa the same amount. But mimi siwezi sema sikupata kitu, mimi nilipewa, Nilipata lakini iliisha, nilipiga nayo project hapa na pale”.

On the other hand, he noted that the gospel industry has been very quiet for the past few months but he hopes things will take a diffrent turn in the near future.

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