The Masheesha hit song is currently giving many ladies a hard time as it exposes the ratchet ways portrayed by women or rather struggling girls who cannot club without asking for sheesha.

For some time now, many men have been complaining of sheesha bills put on their tabs by their young ladies who order for hookah without caring whether the guy can afford it or not.

The type of ladies described in this song are the ones who show up with friends and friends of friends just to exploit the guy by ordering drinks among other things in clubs.

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The story line in the song is undeniably interesting, bringing something new to the table. The lyrics are also straight to the point and the beat makes one get in the dancing mode.

This song is definitely the next big thing that to the creativity seen in the video which was directed by Mushking FX and the audio producer, Cedo. The song  was shot at the six four lounge in Nairobi.

Checkout the big tune below:

H_ART THE BAND - MASHEESHA ft. BENSOUL ( mashisha official video )