I don’t want to return to Uganda in a coffin- Zari Hassan's mum last wish revealed

Did she foresee her own death?


According to various new reports, Mama Zari passed away due to heart ailments but we have come to learn that she had diabetes and her pancreas had swollen, something Zari’s sister revealed could have led to her death. The treatment cost the family about 1.6 Million Kshs with the bulk getting covered by Zari Hassan who contributed around 346,000 Kshs to aid in the treatment.

Zari’s elder sister Asha in a very emotional speech revealed that it seems that her mother knew she was dying and so her last wish was to leave South Africa as she didn’t want to return to Uganda in a coffin. In a speech delivered in Luganda, Asha said “When I used to live with my mum in South Africa, my mum told me that she doesn’t want to return to Uganda in a coffin. I think she felt that her time to leave this world had come and she wanted to go back to Uganda from South Africa where she was receiving treatment.”

In addition, Zari’s sister Zuleha thanked their aunty identified as ‘Aunty Jane’ who really took care of her mum during her last days and provided immeasurable support to the family. After thanking her Zuleha then took to her knees and her sisters joined her as they wept into each other’s arms. “I thank you, aunty, for all your support.” She said in a video on millardayo.com.


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