Diamond Platnumz mother Bi Sandrah has finally revealed why she never shares photos of Hamisa Mobetto’s son.

Mama Dangote who is always flaunting Zari Hassan’s kids (Nillan and Tiffah) on her Instagram page, has disclosed that it’s still not the right time for her to start sharing photos of her grandson Dylan.

Her response was prompted by a fan who had asked why she never recognizes Hamisa Mobetto’s son as her own grandson.

“@Leilah_Suleiman Mama nakukumbusha umesahau Dylan au huna picha zake tufanye kukutumia” asked a curious fan

Bi. Sandrah replied stating that “@Leilah_Suleiman Siku yake haijafika ikifika mtaona”.

Preferential treatment

Her explanation comes days after she was attacked by fans for giving preferential treatment to Diamond’s kids with Zari over Hamisa’s son with Diamond (Dylan).

In many occasions Diamond’s mum has open expressed hostility towards Hamisa and her son, based on what she describes as Hamisa calling paparazzi on her when she had gone to see her in hospital. And when the footage made its way to the interwebs, Bi Sandra was badly abused and humiliated by fans.