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Are you trying to become Nigerian? - TID bashes Harmonize

Stick to your roots man

Speaking during an interview with DLucas TV, the Nyota Yako singer accused the local industry for giving more airtime to international acts and neglecting the local talent.

Kenyans and us


He went on to add that eight years ago, it was only Tanzanian and Kenyan sounds hitting the airwaves but things changed as international sound took over.

“Unamcheza Mnigeria lisali limoja it means lazima umlipe. Unamlipa mtu wa nje unashindwa kumsaidia mtu wako Uzalendo umekosekana. Come on man hizi sounds za kinigeria nlikuwa sizijui. 2010 zilikuwa hazipo hizi. We were the best African sound, sisi na Wakenya. Ulikuwa unaskia sound ya Bongo flavor na Kenya uko South Africa na wapi tunatamba sisi.”


He finished by calling out WCB’s singer Harmonize for copying Nigerian way of music in his hit song Kwangwaru that he collaborated with Diamond Platnumz


“Imagine sasa hivi namskia Harmonize anacopy My love oh my love oh, where the hell are you going men?, what the hell are you doing? Are you trying to be Nigerian or what? Stick to your roots man. Get out of here”, he concluded.

TID is one of the pioneers of Bongo Flava music and released hits such as Siamini, Nlikataa, Kiuno, Viwanjani, Nipe Nafasi among others.

On the other end, Harmonize is one of the most sought after artist currently as he proved he is a force to reckon in the music industry. He is currently riding high on his new song Atarudi.


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