Harmonize reveals the biggest challenge he is facing with Italian fiancée

Harmonize afunguka

While speaking to the press, Harmonize disclosed that he and his Italian girlfriend have been struggling a lot when communicating. This is owed to the fact that they have different origins, Sarah's first language is Italian while Harmonize's is Kiswahili.

Language barrier

“Mke wangu mimi anazungumza lugha ya kwao Italian. I am struggling to teach her Swahili. Honestly speaking there are times we don’t understand each other at all so I am trying to teach Swahili so that communication becomes easier for us,” Harmonize stated.

Cheating allegations

The couple recently made headlines following reports that Sarah was cheating on him (Harmonize) with Diamond Platnumz’ well-built bodyguard, Mwarabu Fighter.

Sarah however rubbished the allegations and reaffirmed her love for the ‘Show me’ singer. She wrote, “I smile for the novels of instagram hahaha really.

"I'm sorry for you but I'm not that kind of woman and as long as I stay with my man  there will not be other people in my life and I love him more than you can imagine....so if you want these kikki novels, go look for them on other pages.. oh I forgot for all the PEOPLE who speak badly don’t worry that I will come to look at you.”

Regarding the issue, Harmonize through his social media wrote, ““Mara 10 ningesikia  anakula mzigo ningemsubiri pale  tarehe 13/5/ na  yani ile anaingia tuu....!!! nikamuulia hapo hapo sasa mtu kama huyu hivi unaanzaje hata kumuuliza mana hata kucheka kwenyewe kwa msimu jamani Mungu huyu daah.....!!


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