Harmonize’s Mzungu Girlfriend Sarah has revealed unknown details about their relationship days after she was accused of cheating on the singer with Diamond’s Bouncer.

In a Interview with Dizzim Online, Sarah disclosed that she had a miscarriage and lost the baby in her fourth month of pregnancy.

According to Sarah, the miscarriage was caused by the change of weather after she went to visit her parents in Italy.

“Yes I was pregnant for Harmonize, but unfortunately I lost the baby in my fourth month of my pregnancy. Its God’s Plan but we are trying our luck next time” said Sarah.

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Asked about her ongoing beef with Harmonize’s ex-lover Jacqueline Wolper, Sarah stated that she doesn't want people to disturb her boyfriend.

'I don’t like people talking about me any time and disturb my relationship, disturb my boyfriend or DM him, and  talk  bad about me. All I want from her is to leave alone my man. I don't want her to talk bad about me” said Sarah

On the issue of having an affair with Mwarabu Fighter, Sarah said, "Its in not possible for me and Mwarabu to be in a relationship,  am a super serious girl when in a relationship, and also i don't have Mwarabu’s number, I think people just want to destroy my relationship with Harmonize."

On Monday, Tanzanian activist based in Los Angeles Mange Kimambi, raised eyebrows after her post went viral, with allegations that Sarah was cheating on Harmonize.