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The most expensive item Harmonize owns

It cost him a pretty penny.

“My Audi is the most expensive thing I own. I spent around 60 Million Tanzania Shillings (Kshs2, 664,024) on it. In total, I own 4 cars.” Harmonize told Jonijooo on an episode of the ‘Now You Know’ segment.

Though Harmonize can afford a multi-million car and a number of pricey shoes, it wasn’t always like that as he grew up in abject poverty. A song that inspired his favourite single ‘Matatatizo’ which resonates with a lot of fans across East Africa.


A song that he used to inspire fans across East Africa.

“Unajua maisha ya waafrika wengi sio mazuri na wenye maisha mazuri ni wachache sana. Niko kati ya wale walioyapitia  maisha magumu sana japo kuwa si vizuri kuzungumza juu ya up and downs, japo naona mtu akizungumza anawapa motisha wengi.” He said on Classic 105. (As you know most Africans struggle to make ends meet and those that have money are very few. I’m among those who had a difficult life and although it’s not very nice to talk about your struggles I felt that it was important that my fans heard of my story and felt motivated to change their lives.)

“Matatizo is basically my life.” He said before revealing that sometimes he would go to bed hungry as he didn’t have money for food or a place to sleep. To make ends meet he used to hawk tea at Kariokor market.

“Nilikuwa nauza chai Kariokor, naamka saa kumi alfajiri natengeneza chai naenda kuuza.” He said before revealing that he wasn’t sure that Matatizo would prosper like his other love songs. But it struck a chord with his fans and surpassed all his expectations, inspired many and created a huge fandom.


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