Size 8 gives her thoughts on Hessy wa Dandora’s killings

Hessy gained fame as Nairobi’s most dreaded cop due to his killings of some of Nairobi’s thugs.

Size 8 is the latest celebrity to weigh on Hessy and this is what she told Word Is:

"There is a thin line, I don't know if I will be crucified for saying this, but some of the things that these boys do are not good, that might justify them being gunned down. But we should not take law into our own hands. It is good to give people the opportunity to go to trial in court. The Bible still calls for giving people a second chance."

She then went on to add that your feelings about the gangs and their death depends on what side of the equation you are on. For some who have endured their dark and violent attacks, they feel that the thugs truly deserve what is coming to them but for a mother who has been praying for her son to reform, she wouldn’t wish him death but rehabilitation at a correctional facility.

“That’s why I am saying there is a thin line, for someone whose wife has been raped by criminals; it will be easy to say shoot on sight. But if you ask the mother who has been praying and fasting for this boy, she will take him to prison that he may get a chance to be saved even though he will never come out.” She said.


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