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Hilarious phrases that made funny memes

Twa Twa!

Hilarious phrases that made funny memes

Despite of us Kenyans going through hard economic times; eating deadly aflatoxins in food and mercury in sugar, we are still a jubilant nation. It's hard to have a dull moment in Kenya with the hilarious memes that are always going viral on social media.

When it comes to memes and funny videos, Kenyans will never disappoint you with their creativity. You will be having a dull day and then see something that will crack your ribs and lighten up your day. Netizens can turn anything into a joke, from a bad photo, to a phrase someone said.

Here are some of the hilarious phrases that made funny, unforgettable memes that went viral on social media.

Take a look;


Twa Twa

Pastor Susan Munene didn’t know that her summon on sex would make her an online sensation. Her message encouraging couples to have sex all the time went viral, and Kenyans couldn’t have enough of her.

The pastor came out to say that sex was the only game created by God and that it should be played anytime.

Kama kuna kitu ya maana katika ndoa wacheni niwaambie ni sex. Can I tell you something? Listen to this revelation; sex is the only game God created, all the others are man-made, think about it, football, rugby, netball… lakini hii ni God. Sasa game ya God inastahili kufanywa wakati wowote. Kama kuna kitu inatufanya kuwa kitu kimoja na Pastor ni sex. Us we can have sex anywhere garini twatwa kitchen twatwa” said Susan in the video.


Her facial expression and the way she described the twa twa made the video even funnier. The name twa twa started trending on twitter and a few minutes later, there were all sorts of hilarious memes.

Kwa ground vitu ni different

This popular phrase went viral when one Kayla Nicole tried to twerk in her video but failed miserably at it.

And since then people started using it to refer that things were different in reality. A slay queen would post a picture with a perfectly done facebeat and a boy would warn another fellow of keeping his distance since “kwa ground vitu ni different”


Parte after parte

The phrase, parte after parte started trending when CS Fred Matiang’i declared a holiday on a weekday, making Kenyans have a long weekend. This was just a few days after Ugandan singer Bigtril released the song Parte after parte.

The song increased the hype and the partying mood, which even made it more popular.

Kenyans went crazy with funny videos and memes flooding the internet minutes later.


Volume iko sawa ama niongeze

Volume iko sawa ama tuongeze was used popularly by Kenyans on social media to inquire whether the message in a post had hit home.


Buruwein was made popular by the jovial Stivo Simple Boy, a member of Cute Boys Association of Kenya (CBAK) who is known for his hit song ‘Vijana Tuache Mihadarati’.


It was in an interview with Milele FM during a media tour for the song, Stivo Simple Boy made the remark,” Ukitumia mihadarati itakuharibu buruwein!”

Kenyans then adopted the phrase and before you knew it everyone was using it.

Kaa na mama yako

Governor John Lonyangapuo's remark ‘kama hakuna kaa na mama yako, usikuje hapa’ went viral and was quickly turned into a street anthem.

Fast rising gengetone group, Ochungulo Family then went ahead to coin the phrase into a song that became a massive hit song.


Funny memes started doing round on social media based on the phrase which mostly targeted ladies telling them kama hawatapeana wakae na mama yao.

Kijana fupi round

This hilarious phrase was coined by West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo who was attacking an opponent who had accused him of corruption. He went on to term the opponent Mulmulwas - an insect that feeds on Cow dung.

Kijana fupi, amenona round, huwezi jua tumbo ni wapi mgongo ni wapi,” said the Governor in one of his meetings.

His viral statement was later used in memes and attacking people who were big in size.


I love your Kenyan Accent, say it one more time

The ‘I love your Kenyan accent say it one more time’… surfaced last year to imitate how Kenyans pronounce certain words.

The memes featured the character ’Dexter’ in the cartoon series Dexter laboratories who was whispering a cool phrase to his bae after she asked him to say it again.



This was a trending challenge on twitter #unakufa challenge that left many Kenyans in stitches. The challenge made Kenyans coin hilarious memes that were just out of this world.

Here are some of them; “Unajifanya mswahili unategwa na kitendawili unakufa “

“Girl child unaambiwa uko na haga, unazunguka kuangalia haga, una twist shingo, inavunjika unakufa”

Geuka nikubeng


This phrase came to life when Ethic released 'position' featuring the Kansoul. Netizens came out to create funny memes with the phrase.


Nairobi Nominated MCA, Mary Njambi made the phrase popular when she accused Speaker Beatrice Elachi of spraying her eyes with pepper.


How can you be a speaker, na unawekea MCA wako mapiripiri kwa macho. Si hiyo ni Krimino” she lamented.

Since then, the word krimino became popular and people started using it in memes and in phrases to refer to someone evil.

Bora uhai

This saying came forth from the struggles that people were going through in Kenya. It was coined to state that no matter the challenges: either losing a bet or being dumped by a lover, what mattered the most was that someone was alive.

Mimi nikasema


The saying was coined to match Kenyans sarcastic nature of denying something they had earlier said.

The memes were just rib tickling.


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