Jalang'o shares disturbing details about his ‘baby mama’

From extortion, DNA testing to stalking things were crazy between Jalang'o and the woman who claimed he had fathered her son.

A girl who was in love with the glitz and the glam and not the Jalang’o who lived in Mwiki.

“When she came visiting me in Mwiki she realized that it isn’t all glitter and glam. She visited me twice in my place and after visiting me the second time she was like this is not the life she expected so she broke it off and got into another relationship. I don’t think that relationship went well.” Jalang’o told Jeff on Hot 96.

“So, one day she called me and told me there is something she wanted to tell me, at that time I was at Kiss, everybody knew Jalang’o. She wanted to come back because things were picking up for me. She later told me she had been pregnant, had a baby and the child was mine.”

A revelation that came as a shock as she had been silent for three to four years about the said baby. During the meeting, she demanded for child support and when Jalang’o asked for a DNA test she threatened that she would leak the information about Jalang’o being a deadbeat dad to the blogs.

She even drafted a story which she threatened to forward to the gossip blogs to taint his name and it worked as Jalang’o was afraid of what this would do to his brand. “What will people think about me? It used to eat me up, every time she sent the story to me I would send her money.” He confessed.

Tired of the blackmail, Jalang’o asked her to bring the child so they could go for a DNA test and so that he could also see the child for the first time ever. On the day they were supposed to meet she brought nail clippings and hair trimmings claiming that that’s she was advised to do that when it came to a DNA test, but no child.

Further attempts to see the child failed miserably as they would organize for meetings and she wouldn’t show up. Jalang’o even went to Mombasa to see them but she didn’t show up or bring the baby.

The situation became really bad to a point when Jalang’o went to Mombasa to party, she would send him pics of the baby in tatters with a message saying “You are having fun and we are starving, your baby has not had food.”

The messages to Jalang’o were not the only thing. “She was part of the reason I broke up with my baby mama since she started sending her threatening messages.”

“I was always trying to protect my brand. Nobody could know about this.” He said on why he tolerated what was going on.

“I have never seen that child up to today and the kid is about 9 to 10 years. It’s a hard situation being in the limelight, some people don’t understand what we go through. My main reason to come out is for her to know I’ve opened up about this story. No more money until the DNA test is done.” Jalang’o added concluding his story.


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