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How Eric Omondi, Samidoh, Trio Mio & other stars celebrated Mother's Day

How celebrities celebrated Mother's Day 2024

Eric Omondi,  Maureen Waititu and Trio Mio

As the world celebrated Mother’s Day, Kenyan celebrities were not left behind in celebrating the amazing mothers in their lives.

Social media was awash with heartwarming messages, photos and videos to mark the day set aside to honour mothers and mother-figures.

With heartwarming messages to themselves, friends, spouses, or their birth/guardian mothers, a number of Kenyan stars marked the day as sampled below.


Award-winning comedian and philanthropist Eric Omondi penned a heartwarming message in which he celebrated Lynne Njihia.

"THANK YOU BABY for giving me the most Wonderful gift. The two of you are the reason for Everything good in my life. I Pray that God gives me the strength to Protect you guys forever. You gave me a TWIN and I will be forever grateful. You Deserve the world baby. I will give you the world. You are definitely the best Mom in the World. You do it with that supernatural Angelic Smile😍. I love you baby...We love you so much. ENJOY YOUR DAY BABY. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY." Omondi wrote.

Rapper Trio Mio celebrated his mother who he hailed as the boss lady, sharing a photo of her with a heartwarming message which read:


"Mad respect 2 the real boss lady and the queen of my heart. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, you make everything I do possible!😘❤️."

Maureen Waititu celebrated all the selfless mothers with a poetic peace writing:

God took the fragrance of a flower 🌹 .The majesty of a tree 🌳 .The gentleness of morning dew 💧 .The calm of a quiet sea 🌊 .The beauty of the twilight hour ⏳.The soul of a starry night 🌌The laughter of a rippling brook 😊.The grace of a bird in flight 🦅.Then God fashioned from these things A creation like no other, And when his masterpiece was through He called it simply - MOTHER 👩 .HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE SELFLESS WOMEN WHO INSPIRE, MOTIVATE AND REMIND US TO BE A BETTER PERSONS EVERY SINGLE DAY. 🌺💐🌷🌹


A mother can be poor & broke but she will do all it takes to get the needs of her children. Salute to all mothers🙏. Happy Mother’s Day.

Actress Marya Okoth celebrated mother's love that knows no boundaries noting that it is selfless and pure.


Today, we honor and celebrate the amazing mothers who have touched our lives with their love and kindness. A mother’s love knows no boundaries, no limits, and no conditions.HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MOMS OUT THERE🥰🥰 You are doing a great job!!

Motherhood is a choice you make every day to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own. Cheers to all the selfless moms out there. Happy Mother’s Day loves.

Happy Mother’s Day to my prayer partner, my pillar of strength, my friend,my confidant and my hero.You wear many hats 👒 but that of being our mom always takes the day. Thank you for always being there,for your counsel and your endless love and prayers for your children. I would choose you to be my mum again n in every lifetime ❤️❤️


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