How to arrange a single room in Kenya

Turn your small room to a little heaven

Howto arrange a single room in Kenya

Life in Kenya can be pretty expensive, right? With all the hustle and the high cost of living, living in a single room can be a really smart move, especially for singles or for people who just landed their first jobs. And who said a single room can’t be stylish, fancy or colorful? You can make the most out of the small space available and make it your little heaven.

Place your TV on the wall and have a small drawer that also acts a book case. Documents and other treasured items can also be kept there.

Get a table that can be used for placing the gas cooker and create shelves on the wall to put kitchen equipment. You can also place other utensils or foodstuff underneath the table to avoid cluttering.

Put the bed near the corner, furthest from the kitchen or the door.

Having less furniture, makes a room look more spacious. You can try having a bed that has a drawer beneath or a sofa bed that acts as a bed at night and a sofa during the day.

Having a cloth rack that doubles up as a shoe rack can help maintain order and save a lot of space.

Sticking to a one colored theme creates the illusion of order and makes the room look organized, colorful and appealing to the eyes.

You can decide to go with gray, brown, or whichever color you want. Avoid mixing too many colors as this makes the room look cluttered and messy.

Getting sheer curtains can be helpful in allowing natural light in the room. Natural light helps light up the mood in a room, boost productivity, improve vision and help you sleep better. You might also get a lamp to add more light in the room.

Mirrors are an excellent tool for brightening up spaces and making them look more spacious.

You can add a touch of glamour by investing in a small colorful rug that will attract attention to the center of the room, hang paintings on the wall, or decorate it with wall paper. You can also use vintage or colorful pillows to add more taste.

Keeping a room tidy and organized, will help it look smaller and inviting.


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