How to decorate a bedsitter for the first time

It is so cheap yet has a big and magnificent impact....

Real estate industry in Kenya is booming. Many starting employees occupying bedsitters due to the financial status they are in. Bedsitters are preferable because they are cheap and simple to maintain. However sometimes a person may lack a clue on how to capitalize on that bedsitter and make it look like a beautiful apartment.

Here are easy and cheap steps to decorate the bedsitter for the first time and make it look amazingly awesome.

Estimated Cost


Tools needed


Bright colour paints

Washi Tapes

Colourful Rugs


Dividers help to create the impression that the bedsitter has several rooms. Use the dividers to demarcate sections of the room such as kitchen, bedroom and living room. The dividers should be very beautiful and attractive.

In addition the dividers can act as shelves and storage utilities for things. In addition the room will look smart and organized. Moreover it will create an impression of a spacious bedsitter.

It is also advisable to use flamboyant and bright colours that will make the place beam with beauty.

Washi tapes are a genius invention that will beautify your home splendidly. They go for Sh2400 and leave zero residue. The tape can be used to frame pictures, wall hangings, posters and memories. You can also decorate bookshelves, doors and such objects.

Coloured lights bring a whole new ambience to the room especially when you have guests coming over. The rainbow of colours makes the room look sophisticated and elegant despite being a bedsitter.

It is advisable to have furniture that can serve many purposes. For instance you need a table that can hold the gas cylinder plus the other utensils. If you have enough space, add a two sitter couch.

a). Creative ideas for furniture

If there are idle, old belts lying in the house, you can use them together with pieces of wood to form a shelf. There you can place light décor or pictures just to add a creative touch to the view.

b). Chests and Suitcases

It may be a challenge to find space for suitcases in the bedsitter due to its size. However there is a creative way to quell that limitation. You can stack the suitcases together and make them look like a coffee table. With that, just place the items and clothes that are eating up space in one case and use it as a table for placing vases or other things.

Using multifunctional furniture is also advantageous because it will relieve you of the stress of having two pieces of furniture for the room. These are good examples of multifunctional furniture. An ottoman that can double up as a bed. You can also acquire a sofa bed which will end up serving the same purpose.

The room will look organized and well-structured.

A small room that looks disorganized and dirty could be very depressing and stressing more than a bigger one. Therefore to quell the situation, you should set a timetable where you will regularly arrange and clean the room.

It is advisable to do the cleaning once or twice every week. Use antiseptics to keep pests and insects at bay. Ensure that everything is in its place regularly. This can be done by returning things where they belong immediately after use e.g utensils and clothes after washing them. Often when you procrastinate the mess of disorganization culminates little by little to have one big messy room.

Colourful rugs are not expensive and are easy to find from ordinary street vendors and small scale traders. You can also creatively make rugs out of old T-shirts.

Such injection of colour will make the bedsitter look homely, cosy, warm and elegant. It will also add a soft feeling for bare feet and toes instead of the hard, cold cement of the room.


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