Huddah Monroe pours out her heart to Mugabe’s son hours after his father Resigned

"Missing the good times"

Through her Insta Stories, Huddah revealed that she is a happy woman who will not worry anymore, when partying with the Mugabe’s.

Huddah, the self-proclaimed East African queen, stated that she was looking forward to a night out with the president's son without a lot of attention.

“My friend –Mugabes son missing the good times at F1. We can now party without worrying that you are a president’s son. Hip Hip hurray. Now people can start loving him for him. Zim people, stop hating to him, it’s a blessing in Disguise."  Reads Monroe's post

“I can’t stand to see people hate on people hate on people coz of what their parents did. His dad’s sins are not his sins. Chill the F out” wrote Ms Monroe.

Robert Mugabe the longest serving Zimbabwean officially resigned as the country's leader on November 21.


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