Huddah reveals the tough conditions for her future husband

When i settle, i'll settle for a life partner

In a post seen by, Huddah who also doubles up as an entrepreneur stressed out that her future husband will be the lucky man in the world as she has seen everything in the world.

Best wife

However, she stated that she expects him to be someone she can tolerate his nonsense and their good sense.

"I am certain i’ll be the best wife a man will ever dream off coz i’ve seen life. Ate life with a big spoon. Travelled the world. Seen diff size/color D**… Nothing is new to me. When i settle i’ll settle for a life partner. No mother what, we ain’t divorcing … Gotta be someone I can tolerate their nonsense and their good sense. We fight, work it out and get back together and laugh about it! Ya Dig? … So let me take my time," she wrote.

Never dated

Huddah went on to reveal that she has never dated as she used to change men frequently.

However, last year she met a man who she has been with for the past ten months without her having another man.

"You know i have never really dated. i have always been a f** gyal. I had no time for chilling or dates. I was the QUEEN of NO time for CHILL! I only wanted to smoke a spliff and f**…And i broke up with guys when i got bored. So last year I met someone. Been with him for 10 months straight no other nigga. UNREAL! So, if that’s not marriage what is?”, she wrote.


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