Huddah rubs Nigerians the wrong way after making shameful comments about their men

They are just for fun...

Huddah Monroe

Some are so into Nigerian men and would literately trade an arm and a leg to have a Nigerian man on their hand, but Huddah Monroe is not drinking from the Kool-Aid. In fact she uses the words ‘God Forbid’ when it comes to getting betrothed to a man from the West African country.

She says that Nigerian men are for having fun but when it comes to settling down, they are a no-no. And she can say this from her nasty experiences with Naija men.

This statement came after a lady asked her to marry a Nigerian brother so she could enjoy jollof rice and moimoi which is a Nigerian bean pudding made from a mixture of washed and peeled black-eyed peas, onions and pepper.

A comment that greatly vexed Nigerians forcing some to slide into her DMS and text her complaining.

But Huddah has no apologies for her divisive opinion and fired back with this:

Nigerians are so hurt. I can’t have my own opinion? LMFAO! I am on the floor literally; you’ll all get over it. Someone asked me to marry their Nigerian bother, I refused. Are you going to force me?

Everyone has their own preference and for me I don’t want to ever get married. And if I do God Forbid not to a Naija man. These domestic violence stories and their polygamous ways is a NO to me. Just spare me the hating and the parambulations, you can’t force me to eat garri if na KFC I dey wan chop!


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