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I can’t dump my cheating husband - Huddah Monroe

All black men cheat - Huddah Monroe 2018

This was after footage of the Cleveland Cavaliers player locking lips with two mysterious women at a hookah lounge and him kissing another at PH-D Lounge in New York City surfaced online.

Huddah Monroe has weighed in on the drama and you can bet she has something juicy to say.

The socialite cum businesswoman is of the opinion that we shouldn’t be shocked that Tristan cheated as all black men cheat, it’s ingrained in their DNA.


“All black men cheat, I don’t know about white men. WTF is everyone on this Khloe Kardashian sh*t like it’s a surprise. Karma or not our black brothers cannot let a skirt pass. That is why there are too many single mothers out here, especially in Kenya.” She opined.

And for Huddah cheating is not reason enough for her to leave her husband. The only reasons she would leave him is if he went broke or is whack in the sack.

“No bi*ch alive can make me leave my husband. WTF! I can’t leave a man coz he cheated. I’ll be hurt definitely but I’ll make sure he knows heaven and hell are on earth. He will be the one to leave. LMFAO. He might even just end up committing suicide by the time I’m done coz of the things I’d do.” Huddah declared.

The petite celebrity concluded by saying that all black men are cut from the same cheating cloth, and so you shouldn’t expect any different from your black man. And if you are getting married, pick a dude that is worth the struggle.


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