Women should marry each other if Possible -Huddah Monroe blasts black men

Most black men hate to see a woman prosper- Huddah Monroe

The lass has also encouraged women to stop tearing each other down and instead focus on supporting each other. She shared her views on social media and wrote, “Women should stop tearing each other down and support each other. Let’s marry each other if possible. These mother****ers don’t love us!”

Huddah shared Serena Williams famous quote, “let’s be real,If you are a successful black female you only have two choices….date outside of your race or date other successful black females," then asked ladies, who wants to date me?”

Experience of dating black men

Huddah who owns a cosmetic line dubbed 'Huddah cosmetics' pointed out that she has observed women married to black men live lives full of frustration and unhappiness. “It’s like being married to a black man is modern day slavery," she added.

The controversial business woman further reiterated that most black men are unhappy when their partners succeed in life. She stated:

“From my own observation, most black men hate to see a woman prosper. They hate to see you doing well. They hate to ELEVATE you. So they crash your dreams, they tell you all the negative things about you so that you can have low self-esteem.”

Low self-esteem

Huddah mentioned that the black men ensure your esteem is low and when you feel bad about yourself is when they accomplish their mission. She pointed out the common phrases they use to demoralize and depress their women.

“Emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse. When someone starts telling you “you’ve added weight,” “you’ve lost weight,” “I hate to see you wear make-up.” Those small, small things get to you. And finally you become a puppet.”

She recapitulated that men support each other and even "buy each other big cars and houses and on the other hand nothing for their wives or fiancées."


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