I aborted Kanumba’s pregnancies twice- Wema Sepetu opens up for the first time

Kanumba’s curse is still haunting me

I aborted Kanumba’s pregnancies twice- Wema Sepetu opens up for the first time

Bongo Movie actress Wema Sepetu has for the first time revealed that she aborted the late Steven Kanumba’s pregnancies twice, at time the two had an affair.

In a recent interview on her Wema App, the actress disclosed that the first abortion was an agreement between them (Wema and Kanumba) but the second one was done secretly without Kanumba’s knowledge.

Her explanation pointed out that she opted to have the abortions on grounds that she was still very young and not ready to be a mother.

Kanumba's Curse haunting me

Ms Sepetu’s revelations comes at a time she is struggling to conceive. She noted that Kanumba’s curse seems to be haunting her because she aborted his kids.

She added that before Kanumba’s death, he used to say that she would not be able to have children with any other man, because she aborted his.

“Wewe Mwanamke nakudai, nakudai watoto wangu wewe, hutoweza kuja kupata mtoto na Mwanaume mwingine yeyote yule,” Kanumba said to Wema.

Several miscarriages

The actress added that she is slowly giving up on the quest to get kids, after several miscarriages and failed trials.

During the interview, an emotional Wema broke down in tears severally, as she narrated the struggles she has been through.

A few years ago, Ms Sepetu cautioned her fans to refrain from hurling insults at her just because she was yet to be blessed with a child of her own.

“If only I was able to have a child I would have given birth a long time ago, but I can’t. No, I will not blame God for the situation I am currently in. Should I keep telling you people how much I struggle day and night to have a baby of my own, is that what you want? Your reckless comments about why I am unable to have a child are so hurtful. I understand time is of the essence but it’s not right to keep rubbing it in. I am also human please care to care,” said Wema


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