I don’t regret meeting my ex-husband through Instagram – Jackie Matubia on failed marriage

She also addressed cheating claims.

I don’t regret meeting my ex-husband through Instagram – Jackie Matubia on failed marriage

Former Tahidi High actress Jackie Matubia has opened up on her failed marriage to pilot hubby and also addressed the alleged cheating that led to their separation.

In a recent interview, the mother of one was asked how she met her hubby and if she regretted meeting him, to which she responded with a no.

She went on to say that the marriage gave her the love of her life (Her daughter)

At the end of the day this was marriage that gave me the love of my life which is my daughter so sijuti kabisa,” she said.

Jackie Matubia

Ms Matubia also addressed the cheating claims that were said to be the reason for them parting ways, stating that there was no truth in that because they parted ways in April last year.

She said that they had already parted ways at the time and that one does not cheat when you have already separated.

Kwanza ni uongo. Pili mtu hawezi kuwa anacheat kama mko separated ama mko divorced. So watu walikuwa wameachana mtu aishi maisha yake mtu akitaka kudate on this other side you are free. You have your free will,’ added Matubia.

She mentioned that they rushed into marriage and did not have mentors to teach them how to handle certain situations in marriage and this brought a lot of conflict between them.

Kuna hio kukimbilia unakimbilia ndoa hamna mtu wa kuwamentor so there is so much unalearn kwa mtu bado ukiwa kwa ndoa so ilifika tu point tukajiambia the space is better ndio kila mtu aweze kujijua coz hata mimi nilikuwa na my issues from growing up bringing them forward, pia yeye issues and no one used to know a channel vile utaweza kujiongelea so I think hio ndio ilikuja ikaleta conflict nyingi so the space was like let’s try to find ourselves. Personally ilikuwa I needed to find myself kwa sababu wanawake unajua either mwanaume akupe raha or your child, or your friends,” she stated.


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