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I have read your thread with sadness - Mutoko to ‘fan’ who called her mean

She is mean AF! He claimed.

Caroline Mutoko (Facebook)

Caroline Mutoko was recently involved in an altercation with a fan who claimed that she is mean.

This was after she sent out a post encouraging people to be kind in the wake of the Riverside attack when one Murage Gichuki called her out for being mean.

“Today, be patient in traffic, smile at people, nod your silent support and whisper a prayer for those who’re injured and families of those we’ve lost. We're all hurting. Even the heavens above are grey. Be kind today. Hold me up. I'll do the same for you,” wrote Mutoko.

In response, Murage claimed that Caroline was not walking the talk as she is mean AF. The two had related in the past when Murage sought her help and the news personality was allegedly dismissive.


“F*ck this Caroline Mutoko sh*t of being kind. My bullsh*t meter went on overload! People are mean af then project their shitting daisies sh*tfluence here. I’m mad as hell when I remember how she dragged me on the phone for minutes and I kept asking her to be KIND. She hang up on me after an earful of BS.” Read a number of his Tweets.

In response, Caroline wrote “I pray you find peace Murage. I have read your thread with sadness & pity. As for anyone giving this wounded man a hard time – Don’t. Back off. I say again - Be Kind. Murage is hurt & his wounds are self-inflicted. Ragz - Be well. Be blessed.”

She also went on to share an exchange they had on Whatsapp where the man sought her help in finding contacts in Uganda, Hong Kong and Australia.

“Contacts? For?” read Caroline’s reply and Gachuki replied with “I’m looking for people who are crazy dreamers like me and open-minded?”


“Okay, that makes no sense to me…What exactly do you need? Let me know I’ll get back to you at 4 Pm after my strategy session. Have a great day.” Caroline replied.

Murage then responded with “I am looked for people you know who are looking for/open to 1. New Income streams 2. Love fun.”

However, Caroline was not pleased with the vagueness of the response and wrote back “I’m disappointed.You expect me to reach out to people I know and say ‘If you like fun &making money, please contact Murage copied here. You and I know different people. The people I know would report my phone as hacked or will deem me to have lost my mind. When you have a concrete definition of what you want or what you are looking for specifically, please get in touch. My email remains the same”


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