I once beat a man who claimed to be Raila’s relative – Wilbroda

Can you believe it?

I once beat a man who claimed to be Raila’s relative – Wilbroda

Former Papa Shirandula actress Jacque Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda has come out to reveal that she has ever beaten a man who claimed to be Raila’s relative.

In an interview with Dr King'ori on the Wicked Edition, the media personality disclosed this after she was asked whether she has ever fought a man.

Wilbroda said that she beat the man after he touched her friend inappropriately when they were in a club.

nakumbuka kuna time nimewahi enda club na mse akashika beshte yangu inappropriately, halafu beshte yangu alikuwa zile za 'oh my God you cant believe what happened' nikamwambia nini amefanya 'oh my God he touched me' nikamwambia tulia. Huyo mse alirudi hivi nilimwona war na nlikuwa na suti. Halafu akaniambia yeyE ni relative ya Raila nikamwambia aende aambia Raila nimempiga,” said the Wilbroda

Asked what she would do if the man would have turned the tables and in turn decided to her beat her, Wilbroda said that she would cause a scene in public and on social media until serious action was taken against the man.

“Angenichapa, ningeenda in public na huko social media. I’d really cause a scene mpaka huyo mse achukuliwe hatua lakini najua kweli tutakaa tu sisi wawili anaeza niona war vizuri.


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