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P*ssy doesn’t pay well here in America - Huddah explains

She clears the air.

Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

On Wednesday, a video of Kamene Goro trash-talking Huddah by calling her a prostitute surfaced online.

Kamene Goro said there is no way a girl with standard 3 English can own a Range Rover and a Kileleshwa apartment if she is not selling p**sy.

 “Has she been selling p**sy? A girl with standard three English owns a Range Rover and an apartment in Kileleshwa, what else have you been selling other than p**sy?” said Miss Goro in the video.


The video caused a stir online with some people siding with Kamene, others defending Huddah while others expressed that Kamene calling Huddah a whore was a case of the kettle calling the pot black since Kamene once claimed to have slept with 27 men.

In response to all the drama that ensued following Kamene’s declaration, Huddah stated that selling p*ssy does not pay as much as people think especially in America where pretty girls are a dime in a dozen.


“I wish p*ssy paid as much as people assume because I wouldn’t be hustling so f*cking hard, I would just be laying there. Getting f*cked and getting money. P*ssy doesn’t pay especially not in America. Too many beautiful girls who are extremely cheap. If a man gives you $1000 in cash here is a nightmare LOL. There is money here in business not selling p*ssy. P*ssy can only take you so far. Looks fade the brain doesn’t,” Huddah wrote.

She then added that she is not going to post her business in public just to prove her critics wrong “You can downplay my hard work all you want to make yourself look good. I am still not revealing all my businesses to the public.”


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