I’d want to do more for my kids – Frankie Justgymit

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I’d want to do more for my kids – Frankie Justgymit

Fitness Coach Frankie Justgymit has said that he would want to do more for his kids with baby mama Maureen Waititu.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Frankie pointed out that if he was a millionaire, he’d give everything to his kids, because he wants to give them the best life.

He went on to say that despite not having it all, he is doing his best and you can’t say he is doing nothing at all.

Of course, I’d want to do more. Kma ningekuwa na mamilioni ningetoa zote juu Watoto ni wangu. Naweza taka niwapeleke Disney land hata kama naweza kuwanunulia gari nitawanunulia siwezi jali but huwezi nionesha mtu mwingine anajaribu kuniliko sasa. Vile najaribu kutake care of my children hauwezi sema sifanyi kitu,” said the Fitness Coach.

Frankie mentioned that he tries to be in the lives of his kids as much as he can and he would still be in their lives no matter how many they were.

There’s no one I’d rather be the mother of those children, no one. From start up until now, she does the most for those children… but I’m talking about myself as a father to those children. I try be in my children’s life 100 percent. Hata nikuwe na wengine watano wote nitawatake care,” he added.

His words come after Massawe asked if he thought he was doing enough for his children.

A few weeks ago, Frankie disclosed that he was fully involved in the lives of his two sons with YouTuber Maureen Waititu, saying that he pays for their son’s school fees at a prestigious school, and weekly upkeep of Sh6, 000 a week among other bills.

Each week I send money for my children’s upkeep. Let me just be candid and say I send Sh6, 000 each week. Personally, I spend like Sh2, 500 on myself and I’m a fully grown man. I pay school fees, he goes to Montessori, he loves it there it’s a private school. The school fees is not cheap at all, it’s about Sh150k per semester,” said Frankie.

Most netizens then took issue with him paying the 6K weekly upkeep saying that it was too little, a move that brought about confusion as others thought he was doing a lot.


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